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Nashville TN Mediation Lawyer Franklin Divorce Mediation Attorney Tennessee 615-550-2191 The Franklin Tennessee Law Firm of Collier and House, PLLC represent clients throughout the Nashville area in family law mediations including divorce mediation, custody mediation and visitation mediation

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Albuquerque NM Child Custody Attorney Los Lunas Visitation Lawyer New Mexico 505.349.0989 At Carpenter Law, P.C. in Albuquerque, NM we represent all types of family law matters, including child custody and visitation rights. If you need an experienced family lawyer, we can help you.

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my boyfriend’s parent just told him
tht they’re getting a divorce.
what can i do to ease his pain?
serious answers plz!

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It’s not something you can DO … just BE THERE with him … respect it when he wants to be alone …. occasionally remind him it’s not his fault …. and that he stil has two parents ….

You could also ask him what he would do to prevent this ever happening in his future marriage.

Don’t accept abuse …. but try to hang in there when his moods change….

What can you tell me about mediation as a career?

A certification course is available to me. What is the pay for professional certified mediators? Are they self-employed or, if not, who employs them? Is it easier to find employment in large cities, or are jobs available in rural / small town areas? What is the difference between mediation and conflict resolution?
I plan to work in Texas.

Mediation is a type of conflict resolution (also called alternative dispute resolution).

In California, most mediators started their careers as attorneys. A lot of them were also judges.

I don’t think certification matters as much as experience. You may have to volunteer to do a few mediations (for free) to get experience if you want to mediate in the legal field.

If you mean family law mediation, that may be different.

It depends on the type of mediation you want to do.


I want my mom to divorce my dad.
What the heck, there not married, more like just leave him.
Were in a horrible situation.
my dad & brother take advantage & abuse her.
I want to help.
But she wont listen.
someone help me please.
brother = mentally

dad =psycially.

Get her pamphlets on abuse from clinics. Read it with her. Make her understand what she is going thru and that she is not alone. Give her the courage she needs. Even better if you can bring her to talks on abuse. She needs to see from other perspective for her to have a better understanding on this issue. Hope this will help, best wishes.

Where can I find free divorce mediation?

I live in Cypress, Texas right near Houston. My zip code is 77429. The divorce should be clean & not too difficult so I’d like to avoid a lawyer if possible. Is there some way my wife and I can agree to everything, have it notarized and just be done?

If you and your wife agree on everything as you say, you don’t need mediation. You can get the necessary paperwork from your county courthouse, and complete it yourself. (There’ll be small fees to "file" the paperwork.)

You can also get forms at for this.

Be aware, however, that most jurisdictions want specific information depending upon your property, debts, and children, if any. For example, a part of most divorce filings is a "parenting plan", specific to the needs of the children.

You’ll also probably have specific requirements to meet to qualify for a divorce, e.g. living in separate domiciles for one year. (States do not encourage divorce, and always hope for reconcilation, so they often want to see that there’s a legitimate reason for the divorce itself.)

Good luck to you both.